Two and a half years goes by fast!

Timber Frame Progress

Making steady progress on my new workshop. Here are a few photos…

Roughing out the underside of a floor joist with an axe first...

... then finishing up with the adze. When done, it is flipped over and the top will be flush with the sills.

The west wall assembled to test the fit of all the pieces.

The braces are scribed to the posts and plates. This post had some wane that the brace was scribed to.

The east wall is a little more complicated, with the addition of girts that will hold take the leant-to rafters.

Detail of the east wall joinery.

Close-up of the tie beam to post joint, also showing the mortice for the porch plate.

All of the joinery is cut with hand tools. Here is a shot of the boring machine in action.

All of the transverse braces will be curved - here is the rough stock waiting final shaping and scribing.

Gearing up to break ground!

transverse section
French-style frame for a French-settled area – Dragonfly Canoe’s new home.

We’re getting ready to break ground for our new shop!