Penobscot Canoe Company

Pecaco Deck

Pecaco "spearhead" deck. Note the direction the ends of the gunwales are cut.

Brief History: The Penobscot Canoe Company (also known as Pecaco) was founded in 1915 by Alfred Wickett, who was formerly employed by the Old Town Canoe Company. Alfred left the Penobscot Canoe Co. in 1920, moved to Missouri, and started the St. Louis and Meramec Canoe Company. The Pecaco factory burned down in 1923.

Identifying Features: The main feature by which a Pecaco canoe is identified is the “spearhead” deck.

Pecaco Canoe Specifications

Notacrack16 x 34 x 12
17 x 35 x 12½
18 x 36 x 13
Special construction with second layer of thin ribs overlapping main ribs.
Regular Type16 x 34 x 12
17 x 35 x 12½
18 x 36 x 13
Typical wood/canvas construction.
Guide Canoe18
Available in Regular or Notacrack construction.