Features: Decks

Heart-Shaped Decks

Buck and Packard deck

Buck and Packard, Dover-Foxcraft, Maine. Photo courtesy John Fitzgerald.

Carleton Canoe Company deck.

Chestnut deck style used prior to the 1920 fire.

Typical E.H. Gerrish deck.

Typical Kennebec deck. Note the short rail caps on top of the gunwales.

Dan Kidney deck.

RBMCo Deck

Racine Boat Manufacturing Company Deck. There is also usually a straight-bar carry thwart.

Rhinelander deck. Jon Buehler photo.

J.R. Robertson heart-shaped deck variation.

J.H. Rushton Indian Girl deck, A Grade.

J.H. Rushton, Inc. deck, B Grade.

Multi-Lobe Decks

H.E. Crandell deck.

J.R. Robertson tri-lobed deck variation.

Alden Kingsbury deck.

Gray and Frost deck

Birdseye maple deck from a Gray & Frost (Auburndale Boat House) canoe. Photo courtesy Paul Miller.

Old Town Molitor model. Note the deck with 4 lobes.

George Stephenson deck. Note the long ears

Ogee Decks

Old Town built before 1905. Note gunwales extend beyond stems.

Typical Old Town Canoe Company deck.

Old Town Otca model 1960s version.

H.E. Crandell alternate deck style (see also multi-lobe style). Photo courtesy Adam Terry.

Penobscot Canoe Company (Pecaco) "spearhead" deck.

"Keyhole" style deck used on Veazie Canoe Company canoes built by B.N. Morris. Photo: Denis Kallery.

Ditchburn deck.

Typical Detroit Boat Company deck.

Thompson Brothers deck variation.

Thompson Brothers deck variation.

White Canoe Company deck variation. Dan Lindberg photo.

C.P. Nutting deck.

C.P. Nutting deck.

Semicircular Decks

B.N. Morris alternative deck style.

Alternative deck style, Veazie Canoe Company built by B.N. Morris. Photo: Denis Kallery.

Typical Chestnut Canoe Company deck.

Typical Penn Yan deck.

Typical Old Town 20" deck with coaming used on their Otca model canoes.

Later style E.H. Gerrish deck with coaming.

Thompson Brothers deck variation.

Typical F. Brodbeck deck.

Deck of canoe built by Louis Picard

St. Louis Meramec (Meraco) "arrowhead" deck.

St. Lawrence Boat Works deck on an open gunwale canoe.

White Canoe Company deck variation.

Other Deck Styles

Old Town Ojibway deck.

Racine Boat Company (RacineWis) single lobe deck variation.

Thompson Brothers single lobe deck variation.

Les canots Tremblay single-lobe deck.

E.M. White scalloped deck variation.

E.M. White sponson canoe deck, circa 1919-1920. Courtesy Julianne Johnson and Jerry Low.

Long Decks

Long deck on B.N. Morris canoe.

Racine Boat Company long deck.

Thompson Brothers long deck. Photo courtesy Paul Miller.