Features: Builder’s Plates and Decals

Wood canoe manufacturers used a wide variety of decals and metal tags to identify their boats. They were typically affixed to the bow deck. In addition, many Canadian builders of all-wood boats also used thwart tags – these were mounted on the outside of the hull were the thwarts were screwed on.

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Bastien Brothers deck plate. Courtesy John Maziarz.

Beaver Canoes decal

Omer Stringer wrote the book on paddling. This is the decal he used on canoes he built.

F. Brodbeck deck plate

Buck and Packard deck plate. Photo courtesy John Fitzgerald.

Buck and Packard deck plate. Photo courtesy John Fitzgerald.

Canadian Canoe Company

Canadian Canoe Company thwart tag.

Carleton Canoe Company deck plate. Older variation (?).

Carleton Canoe Company

Chestnut Canoe Company, Fredericton, NB

Chestnut Canoe Company, Oromocto, NB, 1974-1979

H.E. Crandell deck plate

H.E. Crandell thwart-end stamp. Photo courtesy Adam Terry.

Walter Dean decal.

Detroit Boat Company Medallion - Hudson River Model

Dey Brothers shield decal.

Dey Brothers thwart brand.

Ditchburn thwart tag.

Ditchburn deck plate.

Durand Manufacturing Co. Medallion

Wm. English Canoe Co. deck decal.

Wm. English Canoe Co. thwart tag.

Harold Gates decal.

E.H. Gerrish deck plate

F.W. Gilbert, Brockville, Ontario, deck plate. This one was mounted on a seat frame. Courtesy Peter Mueller.

Godfrey and Roundy, of Old Town, Maine. Courtesy Benson Gray

Kennebec Boat & Canoe Company tag, circa 1908-1926. The "M" preceding the stamped number indicates "10" - the Kineo Special serial numbers start at 100,000.

Kennebec Boat and Canoe Company / Wanamaker Sporting Goods, circa 1908-1926. This example was on a leeboard bracket.

Kennebec decal found on a 1925 canoe. Courtesy David Satter.

Kennebec Canoe Company decal, 1927-1943

Kennebec Canoe Company deck plate, 1927-1943

Lakefield Canoe Co. Ltd. decal.

Lakefield Canoe Company Decal, 1960s

Lakefield Canoe Co. thwart tag.

Lakefield deck plate, Rilco Industries era, 1960s.

Morris deck decal variation

Morris deck decal variation

Morris tag, mounted on center thwart. Courtesy Kathy Klos and Denis Kallery.

B.N. Morris decal on leeboard bracket.

C.P. Nutting & Co. deck plate.

Indian Old Town Canoe Company builder's plate, 1901. Courtesy Benson Gray.

Old Town decal used circa 1905-1906. Photo courtesy Mike Cyr.

Old Town decal on a 1906 canoe, with a touch of blue. Courtesy Benson Gray.

Decal from 1914 Old Town. Note the lack of the phrase "Trade Mark." Photo courtesy Benson Gray.

Old Town decal on a 1947 canoe. Note the addition of "Trade Mark" to the black banner. Courtesy Nick Bailey.

Old Town decal on a canoe from 1967. Courtesy Benson Gray.

Old Town deck plate on a 1982 canoe. Courtesy Benson Gray.

Old Town Boat decal, 1965. Courtesy Benson Gray.

Ontario Canoe Company decal. Courtesy Dick Persson

Reserved for Penn Yan shield decal.

Penn Yan Boat Company deck decal, newer style.

Peterborough Canoe Company 75th anniversary decal.

Peterborough Canoe Company thwart tag.

Peterborough Canoe Company thwart tag.

Plycraft Corp. deck plate. Courtesy Peter Barry.

Rhinelander Boat Company tag.

Rice Lake builder's plate; this one is mounted on the coaming.

Rice Lake Canoe Company thwart tag, Cobourg, Ontario

Rice Lake Canoe Company decal (reproduction), Cobourg, Ontario

Richardson Aquacraft deck plate (successors to Lakefield Canoe Co.).

J.R. Robertson tag, mounted on coaming of lapstrake canoe.

J.R. Robertson "Wavy Stamp." This stamp is usually found at the ends of the thwarts.

J.H. Rushton deck brand.

Rushton deck plate, circa 1888-1889. Courtesy Peter Mueller.

Rushton "fancy" deck plate, circa 1888-1894.

Rushton monogram medallion. 1895-circa 1902.

Rushton medallion for dealer H & D Folsom Arms, 1890s.

J.H. Rushton, Inc. shield, 1906-1917.

J.H. Rushton stamp on stem, typical of Indian Girl canvas canoes.

J.H. Rushton Indian Girl canvas canoe brand, found on center thwart.

J.H. Rushton, Inc. decal. Hard to read beneath the alligatored varnish...

Rushton Indian Girl decal.

Rushton Indian Girl decal, circa 1915-1916. Photo courtesy Jon Bouton.

St. Lawrence Boat Works, Ogdensburg, NY. (successor to Rushton Indian Girl canoes), 1920s.

"Whistle Wing" decal on a St. Lawrence Boat Works canoe, circa 1922. Courtesy Jody Bronson.

St. Lawrence River Skiff, Canoe and Steam Launch Company, cast medallion.

St. Lawrence River Skiff, Canoe and Steam Launch Company, stamped medallion.

St. Louis Boat and Canoe Company decal

Joe Seliga's decal.

Shell Lake Boat Company decal.

George Stephenson, Norway, Maine. Courtesy David Frechette.

Thompson Brothers Boat Manufacturing Company, Peshtigo, WI. Brass.

Thompson Brothers Boat Manufacturing Company, Peshitgo, WI. Aluminum.

les canots Tremblay deck plate.

White Canoe Co. deck plate. Photo courtesy Ralph Kohn.

White Canoe Co. deck plate variation. Photo courtesy Ralph Kohn.

White Canoe Company decal. 1940s-1950s.

Wilbur and Wheelock, Clayton, NY. circa 1895-1930

F.W. Young, Auburndale, MA.