Les Canots Tremblay


Tremblay Canoes Limited was located in St. Felicien, Quebec. They are notable for having covered their canoes with "Verolite" - a PVC-impregnated canvas. It was available in green, orange and red, and the red was not guaranteed against fading.

Tremblay Canoe Models
Chibougamau - Pleasure Canoes
Grec12 x 31 x 13Pointed
 13 x 32 x 13Pointed
Sioux14 x 34 x 11½Pointed
Apache15 x 35 x 12Pointed
Huron16 x 36 x 12½Pointed
Mohawk17 x 37 x 13Pointed
Ojibway18 x 38 x 13½Pointed
Iroquois19 x 40 x 15Pointed
Chippewa20 x 44 x 17½Pointed
Wacanichi - Chief Canoes
Alma15 x 36 x 13V Stern
Arvida16 x 38 x 15V Stern
Wabush16 x 38 x 15Flat Wide
Abitibi17 x 39 x 15V Stern
Lachine18 x 40 x 16V Stern
Verdun19 x 42 x 17V Stern
Toronto20 x 44 x 18V Stern
Pontiac20 x 44 x 18Flat Wide
Mistassini - Freighters
Sorel17V Stern
Roberval17Flat Wide
Rimouski18V Stern
Laval18Flat Wide
Montmorency19V Stern
Cartier19Flat Wide
Erié20V Stern
Ontario20Flat Wide
Champlain22Flat Wide
Ouananiche24Flat Wide
Hochelaga26Flat Wide
Montagnais - Fisherman Canoes
Oneida13 x 38 x 13Flat Wide
Ottawa14 x 40 x 13Flat Wide
Mic-Mac15 x 42 x 14Flat Wide
 16 x 49 x 15Flat Wide
 18 x 51 x 15Flat Wide
Radisson - Moose Canoe
Radisson18 x 40 x 16Square Stern
Saguenay - Outboard Boat
Gaspé14Flat Wide
Gatineau15Flat Wide
Greenville16Flat Wide
Lac St-Jean18 x 60 x 20Flat Wide
Hudson20 x 60 x 20Flat Wide
Kenogami22 x 60 x 20Flat Wide
Joliette24Flat Wide
Matapedia26Flat Wide
Hunters Canoes
Hull16Flat Wide
Manitoba17Flat Wide
Shawinigan18Flat Wide
Alberta19Flat Wide
Fort Chimo - Sectional Canoes
 14 x 33 x 13Pointed
 16 x 35 x 14Pointed
 18 x 37 x 15Pointed
Data from 1974 catalog, supplemented with data from ca1950s catalog